NFL Fans Blasted Refs Over Massive Number of Penalties During Seahawks-Cowboys on ‘TNF’

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Although NFL fans were finally treated to a high-scoring prime time battle on Thursday Night Football, there was plenty of criticism about the game’s officiating.

Flags were flying during the clash between the Cowboys and Seahawks, as officials were calling a strict game. 

Both teams surrendered more than 100 penalty yards as there were a total of 19 accepted penalties, including 10 against Seattle and nine against Dallas. The Seahawks’ penalties cost them 130 yards, while the Cowboys set themselves back 127 yards. 

At one point during the fourth quarter, the Prime Video broadcast indicated the combined 252 penalty yards were the most in any NFL game this season. The game ended with a total of 257 penalty yards, adding to the new season high.

Fans and media members took to social media to voice their displeasure with the officiating on Thursday night, suggesting it took away from an otherwise excellent game. 

The Cowboys went onto win 41–35, improving to 9–3 on the season.

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