Why Aaron Rodgers Isn't Concerned About Potentially Reinjuring Achilles in Jets Return

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On the heels of the Jets opening Aaron Rodgers’s window to practice, the injured star quarterback posited an interesting take Thursday on his condition as he looks to work his way back from a torn Achilles.

New York’s decision to clear Rodgers for individual drills this week added more fuel to the already rampant rumor mill regarding his possible return to action, with recent rumors suggesting he could return in Week 16 after suffering the injury in Week 1.

As questions still remain about his health and the possibly groundbreaking surgery he underwent, Rodgers addressed the doubters who believe he shouldn’t attempt a comeback this season before sharing his perspective on why he’s not too concerned about the perils that could come with playing less than six months removed from the injury.

“A lot of people,” Rodgers said of the number of naysayers, per Antwan Staley of New York Daily News. “My thing is, what’s the worst that can happen? Something unfortunate again and you just slow the rehab down.” 

Rodgers then doubled down on his likely divisive approach by admitting how comfortable he feels with the potential risks of playing, as he stated that there “isn’t a downside” to him returning too soon considering that he would have up to six months to resume rehabbing should he take the field this year.

Rodgers continued, “I think if you take the rehab slower and a little bit more deliberate, five months, six months max is probably the length to get back to 100% if you really take it slow. In my opinion, there isn’t a downside of coming back and reinjuring it.”

With New York (4–7) doing its best to stay afloat entering Week 13, only time will tell if the club ultimately deems the soon-to-be 40-year-old fit for return to action.

For now, though, Rodgers’s recovery process will remain a hot topic around the NFL, despite the fact that his odds of actually playing still appear a distant reality for the time being.

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