You can now lock sensitive WhatsApp chats with a secret code

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WhatsApp is rolling out a new Secret Code feature to make chats more private. Users will be able to lock individual chats and the Locked Chats folder with a Secret Code. The feature should be available widely in the coming months.

WhatsApp has added a new Secret Code feature as an extension to its existing Chat Lock functionality. The messaging platform announced on Thursday that Secret Code is an additional way to protect sensitive chats and make it tougher for people to find if they happen to access your phone.

Using a Secret Code, WhatsApp users can set a unique password to lock chats, one that is different from their phone’s unlock code. Users will also get an option to hide their Locked Chats folder from their main chatlist on the service. Typing the Secret Code in the search bar of the app will then reveal the hidden Locked Chats folder.

WhatsApp has also made it easier to lock specific chats. You no longer have to go to chat settings to lock chats. You can simply long press on any conversation you want to lock to secure it.

The Secret Code feature is just starting to roll out, and the platform says it should be available globally in the coming months.

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